Speedimpex is proud to distribute products from the world's most prestigious publishing groups (see publisher customers here).

With six distribution centers strategically located throughout the United States (New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Orlando and Washington D.C.), with four international branches (Australia, Italy, Canada and China), and extensive subscription, fulfillment and promotional service, Speedimpex provides the power to drive sales more effectively than any foreign press distributor in the world. In the US, Speedimpex continues to expand its substantial network of independent retailers, major chains such as B Dalton, Walden Books, and distinctive specialty stores with:

  • Newsstands
  • Kiosks
  • Smoke Shops
  • Bookstores - independent and national chains
  • Lobby Shops
  • Airport Shops
  • Train Stations
  • Boutiques
  • Museums
  • Specialty and Novelty Stores
  • Gourmet Food Stores
  • Cafes
  • Hotels
  • Casinos
  • Drug Stores
  • Specialized Art and Fashion Distributors
  • Subscription Wholesalers
Our unmatched experience, superior services, and comprehensive knowledge of the market allows Speedimpex to develop circulation strategies that maximize exposure to achieve the highest level of publisher goals and objectives. We share with our publishers in-depth sales and market reports, keeping you fully abreast and equipped with the information you need to coordinate and regulate your business successfully and efficiently.
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