Using modern facilities in major cities throughout the United States, Speedimpex tailors its services to meet the individual distribution requirements of magazine and newspaper publishers from around the world. Joint ventures in Australia, Italy, Canada and China add to the expansive reach required of international publishers.

With a network structured to effectively ship copies via truck or by air, Speedimpex ensures daily and overnight delivery of over 1,500 foreign magazines and over 50 foreign newspapers. Speedimpex delivers directly to over 1,200 retailers in the United States and utilizes relationships with dozens of American wholesalers to reach over 6,500 independent and chain accounts.
The following cities are served nightly
  • Albany NY
  • Cincinnati OH
  • Baltimore MD
  • Madison WI
  • Providence RI
  • Syracuse NY
  • Washington D.C.
  • San Juan PR
  • Sacramento CA
  • Westchester Co. NY
  • Cleveland OH
  • Chicago IL
  • Miami FL
  • Buffalo NY
  • Detroit MI
  • New York (Metro)
  • L.A & Orange Co.
  • Oakland/Berkley CA
  • Trenton NJ
  • Columbus OH
  • Boston MA
  • W. Palm Beach FL
  • Philadelphia PA
  • Rochester NY
  • Orlando FL
  • San Diego CA
  • San Francisco CA
The following U.S. airports are served daily
  • O' Hare
  • Orlando
  • Rochester
  • Miami
  • Newark
  • LAX
  • San Francisco Int'l
  • Dulles
  • J.F.K
  • Philadelphia
  • Logan
The following USA airports are served weekly
  • Cincinnati
  • Pittsburgh
  • Houston
  • Hartsfield
  • Portland